About Us


We serve drummers with world-class instruments designed by Bill Ludwig III and built to give them the sound they want and the confidence they need in any setting.

When you play WFLIII Drums you will feel inspired to perform your best and experience the joy of knowing your performance will be remembered and your playing respected.

As experienced designers and drummers ourselves, we’ve experienced many of the feelings and frustrations players have with today’s drums. We’ve heard from drummers of all experience, genre, and style of everyday frustrations with poor sounding drums, tuning difficulties and poor-quality manufacturing.

It’s the same question repeatedly: “Why can’t I find better built, better looking and better sounding drums?”

This is the question Bill Ludwig III has been hearing for the last two decades. For over sixty years Bill III has dedicated his life to the success of drummers. He has worked with the biggest names in music history and knows what drummers need and want. He also knows how to give drummers the instruments that get them seen and heard.