Bobby Torello

Classic Drummer Hall of Fame member Bobby Torello is known for his no-holds-barred, full-tilt drumming and has been respected as one of hardest working players in the business.

Starting in the early '70s, Bobby would begin his career with David and the Giants, and then join Thunderbird, recording the hit Busted in Georgia. His work was notice by legendary Blues Rocker Johnny Winter and soon led to a lifelong relationship with Winter, touring extensively and recording Winter's White Hot and Blue and Raisin Cain albums.

In 1976 while on hiatus with Winter, Bobby replace Tommy Aldridge in Black Oak Arkansas and would also do tour tours of duty with Michael Bolton.

From the beginning, Bobby always counted on his friend Bill Ludwig III for artist support or just a friendly conversation.

“When Bill decided to get back into the drum business, I didn’t hesitate to sign on. Bill’s love for drummers, tireless support and attention to detail is what makes WFLIII Drums an artists drum company and the manufacturer of some of the highest quality, musically sounding drums on the market today”.

Bobby plays a custom-finished WFLIII Generations kit with a 9”x13” rack tom, 16”x16” and 16”x18” floor toms, and 18”x24” bass drum. Bobby uses a variety of WFLIII snare drums including a 6.5”x14” 1909 Aluminum snare and a 6.5”x14” 1728 Maple snare.

"Bobby Torello was my first choice "go to" touring drummer.
He could easily steal the show with a two - minute solo.
Bobby is a beloved musician who has played with an
amazing array of internationally known artists...
He rocks hard and steady. Bobby T is no less than awesome."

- Michael Bolton