What if I'm unhappy with my drums after I've received them?
In the very unlikely event that you are not thrilled with your new WFLIII Drums, you can return them to us within 60 days of receiving them for a full refund. No strings, no small print.

How long are my drums guaranteed against defects?
At WFLIII Drums, we make every effort to build the highest quality products using the finest materials possible. However, if a shell or hardware component of your drums fails for any reason within 24 months of purchase, we will replace it. Contact us for complete warranty details.

What if something goes wrong with my drums after the warranty period?
Our master drum builders and craftsmen can repair, refurbish, and replace parts at any time. We offer very reasonable prices for these services so you can keep your WFLIII Drums in top-performing shape. Just email us with any work you need done and we’ll work with you to provide a quote within your budget.

More questions?
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