Hayley Cramer

British drummer Hayley Cramer has become one of the most recognizable drummers working today as she drives the rock powerhouse Pop Evil. Her powerful live performances and explosive sound are admired by her fans and peers worldwide.

"I wanted that old-school, big rock sound I grew up with" Hayley explains. "After meeting Bill Ludwig III and hearing his Generations series shells, I knew I had found the sound I was looking for".

Hayley currently uses two identical WFLIII touring kits in Red Sparkle. Her current set-up uses WFLIII Drums' Generations Maple/Okoume shells consisting of two 18"x22" bass drums, 16"x16" and 16"x18" floor toms with 8"x10" and 8"x12" rack toms. In addition, she won't leave home without her WFLIII 1909 6.5"x14" aluminum snare.

Look for Hayley this summer with Pop Evil on tour throughout the U.S. and to find out more about Hayley’s WFLIII Generations drums and other offerings, check out WFLiiiDrums.com.