Three Generations

Three Generations



Three Generations of Ludwigs

My Grandfather, William F. Ludwig passing the torch of drum making to me. 
Three Generations of Ludwigs. Three Generations of Quality Drum Making.

Bill Ludwig III, Bill Ludwig Jr, and Bill Ludwig

Growing up part of the Ludwig family was an amazing fun family of drummers. I was never forced to play the drums. Seeing these amazing players at Mom and Dad’s house, concerts or in the factory up close and personal was inspiring me at a young age and I thought…I WANT TO BE A DRUMMER!

My parents began taking me to conventions in grade school and in 3rd grade I began accompanying dad and my grandfather on Saturdays to the factory. While they had meetings I played in the factory and opened mail stamping it…RECEIVED. My first job, and my pay was I got to play with the switch board that had many lights, cords, switches and a headset. I thought it was the coolest thing ever!! I loved watching the machinery making drums, shells, sticks and the sounds and smells of the factory really got me.

The next generation of Ludwig

People would say to me at a convention…and what do you want to be when you grow up Billy a fireman or police officer?? I would say “I want to make drums”. They always said to my parents “oh how cute, you told him to say that”, to which my parents responded with “we didn’t tell him anything that’s what he wants to do.”

So now almost 60 years later guess what? I’m making drums and could not be happier.

<Ringo Starr with Bill Ludwig III

People’s response after playing a WFLIII Drums snare or kit is EXCITEMENT! SURPRISE at the live resonant SOUND! Interest in purchasing one or III for themselves.

WFLIII Drums shells are a proprietary blend of select maple and mahogany’s consisting of the best veneer on the market today! All our shells are thin to enhance resonance and projection in all it’s glory. The way a drum SHOULD SOUND! As you see the drums and finishes on our site, remember these are being made in the USA by a drummer, a Ludwig.


<Bill Ludwig III