Tyler Patterson

“Does this drum set look backwards?”

Growing up playing percussion in jazz band and marching band, Tyler learned to drum on a standard right-handed drum set and learned rudiments as a right-hand lead. When it comes to indie pop-rock and post-hardcore, switching the set around was more of an expressive and comfortable feeling for him. Sound guys love left-handed drum sets!
Known as a hard-hitting player, Tyler takes the stage with power and precision, playing the pocket with consistency. He was looking for a drum set that could take a beating on the live stage but sing beautifully in a recording studio. “Looking for a Unicorn” were the words exchanged in the first conversation.
Playing in two bands, Tyler needed a drum set that was both aggressive and beautifully calm. His current setup is WFLIII Generations Maple kit, with an 18”x22” bass drum, 16”x16” floor tom, and 9”x13” rack tom. Tyler uses two custom left-handed snare drums: a WFLIII 1909 6.5”x14 Aluminum snare in his band IF IT KILLS YOU, and a Generations Maple 5.5”x14” snare used in his other band Modern Wives.
Check out Tyler’s latest album from IF IT KILLS YOU titled 'Invisible Self' which was produced by Jim Ward (At The Drive In/ Sparta) and a new album dropping from Modern Wives later this year.